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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adios, Ramon

The Trade
The Ramon Castro era in Flushing came to an end last night. The New York Mets, in a tough situation with their starting catcher Brian Schneider coming off an extended stay on the disabled-list, traded the mainly career backup to the Chicago White Sox in exchange for RHP Lance Broadway.

It was a move that, in early April was unthinkable. Castro was a better hitter than Schneider. This all changed when a young guy by the name of Omir Santos joined the Mets when Schneider went on the DL. To make a long story short: Santos hit, and hit, and hit. Everyone knew that Jerry Manuel favored Santos over Castro, and this became evident in a game a few weeks ago when Jerry had Santos hit for Castro in a potential game winning situation.

We all know it should have been Schneider traded, not Castro. But who really is going to take on a $5 million salary of a catcher, who is oft-injured and hits .250 and 9 home runs at best in a season? So unfortunately, the odd man out was Castro.

What we acquired
Lance Broadway looked like the real deal in the 2005 amateur draft. He was picked fiftenth in the first round of the draft. He was regarded as a very vaulable prospect in the ChiSox farm system, and made his major league debut in September of 2007 for the Sox. He has a career 4.69 ERA with 2 wins and 2 losses in 40 innings pitched. In 16 innings in 2009 he has an 0-1 record with a 5.06 ERA. White Sox fans now refer to him as a "first round bust." He will report to AAA-Buffalo and pitch in the starting rotation.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Schneider back Saturday, Castro being shopped

The Mets announced that catcher Brian Schneider will be activated off the disabled-list tomorrow. This puts the Mets in a very tough place, being that Ramon Castro and Omir Santos (especially) have been playing great in his absence.

According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, the Mets are shopping around Castro. Rubin says that "If Castro can't be traded by Saturday's game when Brian Schneider is activated, the Mets are not prepared to eat his $2.5 million salary." This means that either the Mets will send down Santos, or they will carry 3 catchers, and get rid of one pitcher. Sending down Santos is highly unlikely considering how well he has been playing since he was called up.

If the Mets were to go with 3 catchers, I think the odd man out would be either Ken Takahashi or Sean Green. I would think the Mets would want to keep Takahashi (who is barely used) because they want two lefties in the 'pen. The most logical candidate would be Green, who does have minor league options.

Honestly, I would rather see Schneider go than Castro. I like Castro's bat much more, and I think that he gives more versatility to the team. Schneider is a great defensive catcher, but is almost an automatic out at the plate. If I were GM, Schneider would either not be activated for a while, released, or traded.

These stats speak for themselves:

Omir Santos: Avg: .268 HR 2 RBI 15 RUNS 10
Ramon Castro: Avg: .253 HR 3 RBI 13 RUNS 5

You'd have to be out of your mind to say that Brian Schneider would be producing those numbers right now, who hit .257 with 9 homers and 38 RBI's. (9 HR's is a lot for him in one year, actually.)

Odds and Ends

According to a Twitter post by John Heyman, the Mets today acquired Emil Brown from the Padres. No word yet on who the Mets traded, or if this was a player for cash deal.

Metsblog is holding a player of the month poll. This will occur at the end of every month this season, and the winner will be announced on an SNY Pregame show. Vote now.

Andrew Vazzano over at The 'Ropolitans argues that "Maybe the WBC isn't such a good idea."
I agree.

And a hysterical Youtube video has been brought to my attention, I won't say anything more, just watch.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last night's chat

Thanks to everyone that came to chat last night, we had a good turnout. Tonight chat will be hosted by Ryan at
See you all there!


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Odds and Ends

The Mets today acquired shortstop Wilson Valdez from the Indians, in exchange for cash.

Also, the most exciting news of the day, phenom prospect Fernando Martinez was called up today, and will play right field in his major league debut.

For more on the roster moves check out the New York Post's Mets blog.

Tonight I will have a Mets chat right here, starting at 6:45pm.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

On this special day we think about the men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

God Bless America.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The case for signing Damion Easley

Remember Damion Easley? The guy that started at second base for most of the year last year while Castillo was hurt? I think Omar Minaya should reach out to his agent.

I know, he's 39 years old, but he's better than Ramon Martinez and Jeremy Reed combined. (And he's also a fan favorite.) Last year with the Mets, in 315 at bats, he hit a solid .270 with 6 home runs and 44 RBI's. I understand Omar letting him go and signing Alex Cora, who is a little bit better than Easley, but now that Cora is hurt and faces possible surgery, I think Easley is the (temporary) answer. I'm sure he's available on the cheap, and maybe even a minor league contract?

Sign him. And hurry, I hear the D-Backs have interest.

Odds and Ends

The folks over at the Bleacher Report have selected their "quarter season" MLB all starts. Two Mets make the list: CF Carlos Beltran, and P Johan Santana.

SS Jose Reyes will not go on the DL (at least for now, says Kevin Burkhardt.)

According to several reports, the Mets have contacted the Inidans about Mark DeRosa. (UGHHHHHHHHH) Joel Sherman has even floated the idea of trading JJ Putz. What are you smoking Mr. Sherman?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mets merchandise watch

got murph? coffee mugs are now on sale at CafePress. Available for a limited time so get 'em while they're hot. These mugs are $10.99 and are great as gifts or to have around the office.

Andrew over at The Ropolitans has "Real Gangstas Wear Glasses" shirts and merchandise at Cafe Press here. They're really cool so go on over and check them out.

Daniel Murphy will play at first base tonight. (Finally.)

A Mets/Church divorce?

SI's John Heyman speculated on his Twitter account, (above) that the Mets and Ryan Church may go separate ways soon.

If Heyman is right, hopefully Ryan will get traded to a team that values him and will play him like the everyday player he is.

Question of the day

Question: what should the Mets do at first base while Delgado is injured?

Answer in the comments section or on twitter @nymx5793 and you'll see them here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tonight's lineup

Tonight's starting lineup for the New York Mets goes as follows:

Jose Reyes SS
Daniel Murphy LF
Carlos Beltran CF
David Wright 3B
Ryan Church RF
Ramon Martinez 2B
Jeremy Reed 1B
Omir Santos C
John Maine RHP (3-2, 4.24)

Good to see the lineup begin changed a bit, with Murphy batting 2nd and Wright cleanup, with Church in the 5 hole.

Why oh why is JEREMY REED getting a start again.

Reyes playing tonight

According to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, Jose Reyes is playing tonight.

Don't panic. ... yet.

Lets face it. All of a sudden, the Mets injuries seem to be mounting.

First its catcher Brian Schneider with a strained back muscle. We now think that this injury was a blessing in disguise.

Next its Oliver Perez, who I’m sure was more mentally injured than physically. He was diagnosed with Right patellar tendonitis.

The most damaging injury of the team was to Carlos Delgado. Delgado was diagnosed with a Right hip impingement, and underwent surgery today. He is expected back after the All-Star break in late July.

And last night, we received the news that SS/2B Alex Cora was put on the DL because of a Torn right thumb ligament. We are now learning that he may require surgery.

Don’t forget Jose Reyes, who hasn’t played in the last five games. Jerry & Crew are denying that he will go on the DL though.

Back to the Delgado injury. What do we do? Although Fernando Tatis has done a good job filling in at first base during the short time Delgado’s been injured, he’s not an everyday player. So can we really suffer with those long nights with Jeremy Reed at first base?

The answer is no.

I’d like to see David Murphy become the starting first baseman until Delgado gets back. And yes Jerry, that means playing him almost everyday. That now means that your outfield consists of Gary Sheffield, Ryan Church, Fernando Tatis, Jeremy Reed, Carlos Beltran, and Angel Pagan. We know Beltran will start everyday in center field, so I’m sure Jerry can spread out playing time between Sheffield, Church, and Tatis to start, and for Pagan and Reed to come in as late inning defensive subs.

Luckily, this major injury to Delgado has happened earlier in the season so that we don’t have to jump the gun on a major trade. If the current first base situation doesn’t work out, it may be time to go trade for the Nationals Nick Johnson or the Orioles Aubrey Huff.

I was really hoping we could save our trading chips for a major starting pitcher in July, but if the current first base situation doesn’t hold up, we maybe have to use them in a position player trade and not a pitching trade.

In my opinion, we have to wait until we finish the next home-stand to gauge whether we need to make a trade or not.

Until then, have patience, and LETS GO METS!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Road trip

The Mets play the Giants, Dodgers, and Red Sox on the next road trip.

How do you think they'll do?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Santana vs Lowe tonight

Who will win? Predict ...
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7 games

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Chipper Jones may miss todays game with a minor injury...

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